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Services Prices
Minimum Load (2 bin bags) 40 GBP
1/8 Skip (5 bin bags) 50 GBP
1/4 Skip (10 bin bags) 70 GBP
1/2 Skip (20 bin bags) 100 GBP
3/4 Skip (30 ) 130 GBP
Half Load (40 ) 160 GBP
Full Load (80 ) 260 GBP


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Helpful and trustworthly

Friendly, flexible and reliable for a very bespoke task!

Great and reliable company

It was such a pleasure to have that company dealing with my waste disposal.

Great service

Great service from beginning to the end. Friendly voice and very calm.


Same Day Junk Removal and Waste Disposal Services accross London

Junk Removal London is one of the most reliable companies in the UK specialising in waste removal services. Whether you are relocating your business, decluttering your property, or maybe renovating a new home, you might want to take advantage of our service. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle when clearing out space in your current home or preparing for a move is tons of junk: items you thought you need, but also stuff which you are not sure how to dispose. Junk Removal Company exist to provide the necessary solution.

  • Company that cares

    Whenever you need your waste or junk removed, know that you can always count on our company. We have been in the business long enough to know how to deliver a service of a great value. We care about your comfort which is why we always do our best to perform at peak levels and we work with utmost care and attention to detail. We understand that some rubbish and waste may require specific care when disposed. It is the reason why we carefully select our employees and hire only competent and responsible people. Since your satisfaction is what matters at the end of the day, we always make sure that the junk disposal is done under control.

  • Company you can trust

    Our expert technicians know junk disposal. They know it so well, they became some of the most professional experts in the field. We proudly deliver junk removal services for your home, garage, office, and why not beyond? Our experts will make sure all non-hazardous stuff is disposed from anywhere on your property. As soon as you establish contact with us, we are ready to send our technicians to remove the junk from the place. They will arrive when expected because we do respect your time. You can trust our company unconditionally!

  • We are quick

    One thing is certain – we value your time so you can be more than sure that our expert technicians will work as quickly as possible without dawdling away any precious time. They will remove the waste from your property in the fastest way possible without leaving anything behind. We constantly strive to perfect our methods and techniques because we understand that when people book a service they expect it to be efficient. As Junk Removal Company is one of the most trusted names, take comfort in knowing that the job you have for us will be done to high standards in a fast way. Let us take care of all the labour, wherever your stuff is located.

  • Flexible as much as we can

    We endevour to fulfil the expectations of our customers which is why we do everything within our power to help as many people as possible. We are flexible with hours and dates because we understand that sometimes 24 hours a day are simply not enough and trying to balance between work and personal life is even harder. This is why we are well-prepared to give you a hand with the junk removal any time convenient for you. We are open seven days a week and we are ready to cover the entire London area.

  • We are all over London

    When you need waste disposal service, know that Junk Removal Company exists to facilitate your life. Our service is available anywhere in the British capital and we are ready to get your property rid of any waste or stuff you do not need or want anymore. You simply schedule an appointment, our experts come to the address and viola – you are free from junk!

  • Customers love us

    If you are intrigued by our junk removal service – great, we will be expecting to hear from you soon. If you are still hesitant about choosing Junk Removal Company, see what customers have to say about us.

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  • Furniture Disposal

    Whether you are moving house, getting new pieces of furniture, or simply trying to get rid of the old ones, it can be pretty hard to dispose of huge, unwanted stuff. The old discouloured sofa, the fridge which does not function at its optimal capacity anymore, the ratty couch. If you are in need of a helping hand, know that you can count on Junk Removal Company. We know it is a tough task to get rid of those which is why we will make sure to remove them from your property. Book our junk removal service to remove any unwanted furniture!

  • Office Clearance

    Whether you need a complete office clearance or the disposal of just a few items, we are the company you can trust. We can save you money and time while providing you with a truly professional and efficient service. We are well-prepared to remove all pieces of furniture and other items you do not need any more in your office. We will leave the place clear and tidy!

  • After Builders Waste Removal

    For affordable and efficient builders junk removal in London, establish contact with Junk Removal Company and let the professionals do the dirty job for you. At our company, we are pride to deliver a reputable building waste disposal service that can help you enjoy the space even more. If you need our assistance, we are well-prepared to help. Our experts are always at the ready to deal with any challenge you have prepared for them. They will clean any construction site professionally and quickly. Let us collect your rubbish at time that suits you best.

  • Waste Removal

    Get rid of the stuff you do not want or need easily. Establish contact with us and request your quote. We will send our junk removal experts to the address with a vehicle and advanced equipment. They will deal with all the work while you enjoy your spare time. Take comfort in knowing that everything will be done up to the highest standards, and your satisfaction. With all the rubbish gone, you will have more free space.

  • Garage Clearance

    We are known as the garage clearance professionals in London. Our expert technicians can deal with any task you have for them. We are ready to remove all the stuff and items you do not want in your garage any more, including electric equipment, rubbish, junk, furniture and more. Hundreds of Londoners have trusted Junk Removal Company for their garage clearance. You are guaranteed an excellent customer service! Make sure to contact us at your earliest convenience and see for yourself.

  • Attic Cleaning

    When you move into a new home chances are it is not actually ‘new’? If you need a professional attic cleaning service to help you clean that ‘new’ house, do not hesitate to choose Junk Removal Company. We are based in London and we can help! We specialise in attic cleaning, and can make sure the place is free from any debris. Our experts have the hands-on experience and work ethic to ensure the attic cleaning is done up to high standards. We are fully insured! Our main goal is that our customers are satisfied and happy at the end of the cleaning session. There is no better you can call!